Check Out These Outrageous Christmas Trees

Outrageous Christmas TreesI was roaming the internet today for Christmas Trees and I couldn’t believe the creativity I saw. I just had to share with you what I found. I found 9 Christmas Trees that are the most unique and creative out there. There is one totally made from library books and another that is made completely from soda cans. I will share with you those and the ones in between. So, without further ado…..

List of Best Drawing Books for Kids : Beginners and Homeschoolers

list of best drawing books for young kids, preschoolers, homeschooled kidsHere is a list of our favorite kids’ drawing books, targeted towards young kids, and elementary school home-schooled children.

How to Make Beaded Christmas Tree Ornaments

How to Make Beaded Christmas Tree OrnamentsHere is a crafts tutorial to make a Christmas tree from pipe cleaners, safety pins, and some beads. With this craft, you make a beautiful Christmas tree that is also an ornament.

How to Make a Bottle Brush Christmas Tree

I have a fun Christmas decoration craft that you can make out of a bottle brush. Today I’m going to show you how to make a Bottle Brush Christmas Tree. A bottle brush is the perfect material to use for this Christmas Tree decoration because the bristles take on the look of one of those artificial Christmas Trees. It makes for a wonderful Christmas decorations that will last for years. And, your kids will love making them. So, grab a bottle brush and the rest of the materials and let’s get started.

How to Make a Christmas Paper Toy

How to Make a Christmas Paper ToyI have a fun Christmas craft for even the youngest of crafters. Today I’m going to show you how to make a Christmas Paper Toy. With just some paper, printer, scissors and a few other materials you and your child will be able to make this cute Christmas paper toy that they will enjoy playing with…. just as much fun as they will have making the craft. If you want, feel free to color the templates before cutting them out to add even more fun to this craft. So, let’s get started.

A Collection of Awesomely Yummy Edible Christmas Crafts

A Collection of Awesomely Yummy Edible Christmas CraftsCrafts come in all different kinds of forms. Today I’m going to write about Edible Crafts. And, not just any edible crafts, but Edible Christmas Crafts. YUMMY!! Whether you are planning a Christmas party, Christmas decorations or just want to have fun with your kids…. Edible Christmas Crafts will be enjoyed by all. I scoured the internet looking for yummy edible crafts and I came up with 16 awesome ones that will get your stomach growling. So, without further ado here is a collection of awesomely yummy edible Christmas crafts for your enjoyment.

How to Make a Simple 3D Christmas Tree Ornament

I will continue with the Christmas crafts with this fun craft. In this post I will show you how to make a simple 3D Christmas Tree Ornament. And, just like the title says…. this craft is a simple one. The kids will love making it…. especially the part where they get to decorate the ornament. They will have so much fun decorating it…. almost as much as they will have fun decorating your Christmas tree at home. So, grab the materials needed and let’s get started.

Giving Thanks Thanksgiving Crafts Roundup

Giving Thanks Thanksgiving Crafts RoundupThanksgiving is coming up quickly. This month wouldn’t it be a great idea to fill it with crafts that remind us what this Holiday is all about….. being thankful. We all have so much to be thankful for. So, in this link roundup I have scoured the internet to find crafts that all have to do with being thankful. Each craft is a lot of fun and all can be used as a Thanksgiving decoration…. but most of all they remind us to be thankful. With these crafts you will be doing them as a family…. and family is one of the most important reasons to be thankful. So, get ready to spend some time looking at some amazing Thanksgiving “Giving Thanks” Crafts….. you are sure to find one that you will love.

How to Fold 5 Pointed Stars

How to Fold 5 Pointed StarsIn this post I’m going to show you an easy way to fold a 5 pointed star. The stars in the blue field of the American flag are five-pointed. It was Betsy Ross who convinced General Washington that it was a simple matter to cut a five-pointed star from a folded sheet of paper or cloth. These 5 pointed stars are great to use to not only make a flag, but to decorate Christmas trees, packages, boxes, cards, toy crowns, and play costumes. So, grab some paper and a pair of scissors and let’s get started.

How to Make a Miniature Garden Craft

We are right smack in the middle of Winter…. and if you are anything like me you are missing Spring pretty badly about now. Well, I have a way to bring a little bit of Spring into your house. Today I’m going to show you how to make a Miniature Garden for your house. We are going to build this miniature garden in an ice cube tray. So, ask your Mom or Dad if they have an extra ice cube tray for you to borrow. You can follow my miniature garden step-by-step or you can be creative and come up with your own variations. Either way….. let’s get started.

How to Make Christmas Tree Earrings

I have a fun and festive craft for you today. I am going to show you how to make Christmas Tree Earrings. They are perfect for a gift… imagine how excited the receiver of this gift would be. They would absolutely love them. Or, they are so beautiful…. maybe you would like to keep them for yourself. Either way…. the craft turns out lovely and perfect for this Holiday Season.

How to Make a Decorated Candle Jar

Today I’m going to show you how to make a decorated candle jar perfect to give as a gift for the Holiday Season. Imagine how much your friends and loved ones would enjoy a gift that you made yourself. They would totally love it. And, this decorated candle jar turns out beautifully…. so you will be so proud to give this craft as a gift. So, let’s get started.

How to Make a Magazine Christmas Tree

How to Make a Magazine Christmas TreeI have a really unique Christmas Tree craft for you today. I say it is unique because the Christmas Tree is a unique one when you see the finished craft. This Magazine Christmas Tree will make for an awesome Christmas decoration this Holiday Season. You can decide to paint your tree if you wish to…. whether painted or left natural the Christmas Tree is sure to be a big hit. So, let’s do it.

How to Make a 3-D Christmas Tree Card

Image040Christmas is just a few weeks away….. now is the time to send out Christmas cards so that your friends and family receive them well before Christmas. Well, today I’m going to show you how to make your very own 3-D Christmas cards. These are perfect for big families because there is plenty of room to write everyone’s names. Not to mention, everyone will love receiving these cards ….. especially since you made them yourself.

How to Make a Standing Paper Christmas Tree

How to Make a Standing Paper Christmas TreeToday is the first of December. Now is the time to start decorating for the Christmas Holiday. I have a fun and easy Christmas decoration craft for you….. a Standing Paper Christmas Tree. And, guess what???… Not only is it easy, but it doesn’t need much in the way of materials. Sounds like the perfect Christmas decoration craft, doesn’t it? Let’s get started.

How to Make Jesus in a Manger for Nativity Scene Arts and Crafts Project for Christmas

Image046Christmas is coming up soon and this is the day that baby Jesus was born. How about making a tiny manger for the baby of Christmas, Jesus and a part of your Nativity Scene with a toilet paper roll. The step by step instructions are given on the following page